“BEST Quality is our Number 1 priority”

TC (Tungsten Carbide) TIPS play the most critical role in performance of TC instruments.

TC TIPS For Surgical Instruments

  • HALLMARK CARBIDES are manufactured in-house. HALLMARK has its own carbide plant where it has developed carbide grades for every specific application. These Grades are the outcome of thorough extensive field trials.
  • HALLMARK manufactures the most accurate Ground / Milled TC Inserts for Needle holders, Dental instruments, Fomon rasps, Tweezers, Laparascopic instruments, Fine opthalmic instruments, etc.
  • All manufacturing operations are carried out on Automatic CNC Grinding machines that are programmed to cut individual teeth to razor sharp precision, lending unparalleled grip quality to the instrument.
  • HALLMARK is capable of manufacturing pitch smaller than 0.2mm and thickness lower than 0.3mm, the finest required by Surgical industry.
  • Care is taken to grind the reverse side of each tip to absolute STRAIGHTNESS, so that it is ready to be brazed onto the needle holders. The special finish on the reverse side facilitates a strong bonding during Brazing.

Today HALLMARK has the honour of supplying TC TIPS in bulk to many World Renowned Surgical Instruments Manufacturing Companies.