HALLMARK manufactures Bone Saw Blades from special Surgical Steel (SS 420), Vacuum heat treated (German Technology) to achieve a hardness upto 50 HRC

The Blade size and holder profile is exactly to Customer specification.


Special Features of HALLMARK Bone Saw Blades (Replacement Blades)

  • HALLMARK provides its Bone Saw Blades with CNC carved STAGGERED TEETH. This is a unique design, where the tips of consecutive teeth are bevelled to opposite sides of the blade to give it a point contact. This Top Bevel Design acts like fine chisel, actually shaving the bone (unlike the regular sawing action) resulting in clean cuts without chipping or splintering of bones.

  • The staggered teeth also lends support to the cutting edges thereby preventing chattering and run-outs during cutting.

  • HALLMARK Bone Saw Blades are provided with a RELIEF along its length, just below the Cutting edge.This ensures minimal contact and minimal friction between the Bone matrix and the Blade during Cutting.
  • CHANNELS are ground below the Cutting edge, which again facilitates clearance of Bone debris.
  • HALLMARK provides DIAMOND-LIKE CARBON (DLC) Coating on its Saw Blades.This Coating is SUPER HARD and has ANTI-STICK properties. DLC coatings provides diamond like properties to Blade surface.
  • This special coating substantially decreases friction and heat buildup, thereby allowing a cleaner & smoother cutting action.

These features ensure very low cutting loads and almost eliminates the tendency to tear out bone matrix.

The surgeon can make clean cut, while effortlessly maintaining the line of cut. Very fine cut allows quick healing and faster bone regeneration.